Sales Agreement

Please read my sales agreement before inquiring about a rabbit.  If a rabbit is purchased it will be assumed that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


If purchasing more that 1 rabbit they need to be same sex.

Our bunnies are NOT raised in wire bottom cages and I ask that they continue to be raised that way.  I can help you research other breeders who raise their bunnies in wire bottom cages if you wish to house your bunny in a wire bottom cage.

I require non-refundable deposits on all rabbits.  

Mini Plush Lop Deposit: $75 (Average Price range: $150-225) Spay/neuter contract must be signed at pick up

Mini Lop Deposit: $20 (Price $50)

I will not promise a rabbit to anyone until I have received their deposit!

Deposits are made by PayPal, Zelle or Venmo.  If using PayPal I ask that you use the family/friend option to avoid the service charge.  If not, the service charge will be added to your balance at pick up.  The remaining amount for a bunny is due at the time of pick up.  A bunny will not leave my home unless the balance is paid.  Deposit receipts will be emailed to buyer when deposit is received.

HF Farm’s PayPal, Zelle and Venmo email address is:  Please include your email address in the notes section when placing a deposit.

I can refuse the sale of a rabbit to anyone at anytime with no explanation.  I will not sell a rabbit unless I am sure they will be well taken care of.  If I refuse a sale I WILL refund your deposit in full.

If the gender or color you were hoping for is not born, I will put your name on the next wait list.  If you pay a deposit YOU WILL receive a bunny and I try my best to give every buyer a rabbit they love.

*I do not offer discounts for multiple rabbits.

First come first serve.  The sooner I get your deposit the higher up on the list you will be, allowing you to have more choices when it comes to color and gender!

How buyers pick their rabbits:

I contact each buyer on the wait list when bunnies are 5 weeks old.  Buyers are asked to choose their bunnies within 24 hours.  Again, because of the waiting list I cannot let someone pick out a bunny until the people before them on the waiting list have chosen.

Pick Up:

I allow 1 week for pick up.  If buyer cannot pick up within those 7 days I can hold the bunny for an additional $5 a day boarding fee (must be previously discussed).  If buyer fails to pick up within the allowed 7 days their bunny will go to next person on wait list. Deposits are not refunded.

I offer a Conditional Warranty.  I WILL NOT sell a rabbit to anyone if I feel there is a health issue.  My goal is to breed happy, healthy rabbits and have happy satisfied buyers. If a rabbit dies or becomes ill within 3 days, I will either refund the customer or give the customer a new rabbit.  Only IF I feel there has not been any harm or lack of proper care for the rabbit.  I have never had any issues in the past with rabbits being sold with health problems.

I WILL NOT refund the cost of a rabbit if a buyer later decided a rabbit isn’t a good fit for their family or they are no longer able to care for it.  I will also not refund a rabbit if a family doesn’t feel the rabbit is well behaved.

I always take back unwanted rabbits from HF Farm.  The price of the rabbit will not be refunded.  The rabbit will need to come with the cage he/she was living in because I do not have unlimited cage space.  I may not accept a rabbit back if I suspect it is ill, I cannot risk the health of the rest of my rabbits by taking in a sick rabbit. I cannot guarantee sex of rabbit.  I encourage buyers to also check the sex and health of the rabbit before purchase.  I will not exchange a rabbit because of a sex error.


Please contact me.  On rare occasions I will allow transport of our rabbits.  I much prefer buyer picks up rabbit from me.

Mini Plush Lop Pricing:

Prices vary depending on each individual Mini Plush Lop rabbit.  Some are born with more unique colors and traits.  Some have higher fur quality and a more desirable body type which also plays role in determining a Mini Plush Lops price.  Sizes also vary, the smaller the bunny the more expensive.

Mini Plush Lops average price range is between $150-225.  Occasionally, there are higher priced rabbits that have unique traits like blue eyes or rare colors.  The $75 deposit goes towards the final price of your bunny, it is NOT an extra charge!

I cannot guarantee a Mini Plush Lops ears will drop.  95% of the time they drop at about 2 to 3 months of age.  On rare occasions they do not completely fall due to a tight crown or narrow space between the ears.  I cannot refund a bunny if its ears fail to drop.  Mini Plush Lops are a very small breed of rabbit.  Sometimes one will grow larger than expected,  I will not refund an animal if it exceeds these weight expectations.  Mini Plush Lops coat quality varies and it is impossible to know what their coat will truly be like before they have their first molt.  I cannot guarantee fur quality.