Hello, I’m Jessica!  I run a small scale farm in Rockmart, GA and breed Mini Lops and true Mini Plush Lops.  Our rabbits are part of our family and not backyard pets stuck in wire bottom cages.  All rabbits stay in our house w/us for daily interaction.

I grew up with bunnies (New Zealand) and bought my 1st two Mini Lops in 2015 and completely fell in love w/their personalities.  I began breeding Mini Lops in 2016 and decided I wanted to research smaller breeds and found Mini Plush Lops.  I completely fell in love with their look and size and knew they would have awesome personalities like my Mini Lops.  Since there’s not to many true Mini Plush Lop breeders I decided to take the long 12 hr round trip drive to pick up my bunnies!!!

I also have dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, goats and ponies on the farm.